EU1KY homemade antenna analyzer on STM32F746G DISCOVERY development board

Short description

The EU1KY antenna analyzer is an open source project to build your own, reasonably cheap but very functional antenna analyzer that is a handful tool for tuning coax-fed shortwave ham radio and CB antennas. Parameters are similar to known RigExpert AA-170, but color TFT LCD and some features outperform it in usability. Moreover, you have fun building this tool on your own and save some money.

The device is actually a 1-port VNA, it allows measuring the impedance of any passive load connected to it in the frequency range of 500 kHz ... 150 MHz, and displaying the results in graphic form. It is very simple to build: use ready-made STM32F746G DISCOVERY board from ST Microelectronics, and a small RF shield based on Si5351a frequency generator, couple of SA612 mixers and an opamp.

Open-Short-Load calibration is supported to compensate transmission line influence on measured parameters. All the settings, as well as calibration files, screenshots and Touchstone S1P files, are stored on micro-SD card which can be accessed via the on-board USB HS port (the device works also as card reader).

ST-Link 2.1 debbugger built into the dev board provides virtual COM port that, when the device is connected to PC with Mini-USB cable, can be used to control device remotely using RigExpert AntScope software when the device shows main menu window. The device emulates some features of the well known RigExpert AA-170 antenna analyzer but is much more precise and rich of functionality.

Proceed to EU1KY antenna analyzer Wiki. for further details

See some screenshots from panoramic measurement window

Smith chart screen of EU1KY antenna analyzer
VSWR graph screen of EU1KY antenna analyzer
R/X graph screen of EU1KY antenna analyzer